Cats on the Job

San Francisco is home to a variety of different cats, from cute and cuddly to alert and independent. Our mission is to place our cats in an environment that best suits their individual needs and find them a situation where they will prosper. Some of the more independent cats may be shy of people and work best in situations where they have the task of keeping rodents at bay in exchange for being fed and cared for for the rest of their lives. Our primary goal is to find these cats a home where they will prosper under the love and care of their new owner, all whilst providing an equal service in return through their newfound dedication toward their loving owner.

Our mission is built around two main programs:

  • Cats on the Job, a green program dedicated to the lifetime adoption of under socialized and feral cats into business and residences to provide ongoing companionship and rodent control.
  • Special Needs Cats, finding appropriate placement for cats that are typically shy or under socialized and do not do well in a shelter environment.

Both these programs serve to better the overall care for cats in the San Francisco Bay Area. With the help of our friends at the San Francisco SPCA, we are able to give a second chance to some very deserving and intelligent cats.

Eddie, Freddie and MidnightMr. PicklesPao and MelissaNekola and MiaoMiao